Become a Member

If you’re looking for a vibrant, active church where you can grow and serve, you’ve found your home with us. Whether you are new to Adventism or wanting to move your membership here, we work with you to make it easy.

I want to learn more before I join.

You can join the pastor’s class each week where you will find a friendly and accepting arena to voice your ideas and questions. This class goes over the basics of the Christian life, Biblical teachings, and practical ideas for living a life for God. Or you may want to study these same subjects privately with a pastor or trained teacher. All you need to do is call the church office to get connected.

I want to be baptized.

Those who are baptized in our church are soon voted into membership in our church. Baptism begins one’s walk of faith in our church community, though their journey with Christ may have existed before. For those who may have wandered astray from Christ, many come back to Him through public baptism.

I’ve been baptized already. How can I join Kettering?

Those who were baptized when they were an adult do not need to be baptized again. They can come in under Profession of Faith, a public statement that Jesus has led them to this congregation. Of course, one who was baptized as an infant or young child should seek baptism again now that they are older and fully capable of making their choice to follow Jesus on their own.

I want to transfer my membership.

Baptized Christians who belong to another Seventh-day Adventist congregation may simply request for their membership to be transferred from their previous congregation. Our church clerk will write the former church to start that process; just call the church office to make your request, or download and fill out the “New Member Form” located here and return it to the church office.

We’d love to speak with you.

If you’d like to speak to someone in person about joining our church, we urge you to call our office at (937) 298-2167 or simply drop us a quick note here.