Besides the Sabbath worships, our sanctuary is often used for weddings, concerts, convocations, and community events. It seats 800 people comfortably on padded pews. Appreciated for its acoustics, many musical organizations in the Dayton area use it for their performances, which benefit from the two 9-foot grand pianos and the impressive Casavant pipe organ (see Music for more detail). Two 12-foot screens allow for full video projection.

Fellowship Hall

The Fellowship Hall is truly a multipurpose room. On Sabbaths it houses our FirstServ contemporary worship and the young adult Fresh Bread class. At other times it is available for receptions, banquets, recitals, performances, and a large meeting room. Seating capacity is 220 in movable chairs or 150 for dining. Ten round tables seating 8 people and 20 4’ X 6’ tables are available. With full audio/visual equipment and a 12-ft screen, it can be a great classroom. The 9-ft grand piano serves both worship and musical performances. Staging is available. North Fellowship Hall is used for overflow to the Center if more room is needed. It seats 50 more people or 8 more tables. Center Fellowship Hall is the largest hall (45 x 60) besides the sanctuary and is easily adaptable for public meetings, banquets, dinners, recitals, and receptions. It can seat 250 in chairs or 160 at rectangular tables or 80 at round tables. Audio/Visual components include theatrical lighting and sound system, computer and projector with large 12-ft screen, and a place to connect laptops to projector system. The South Fellowship Hall, with access to the kitchen and a serving bar, is usually used for food display and serving tables or cooking classes. It can be used for additional seating overflow from the Center. This Fellowship Hall can be reserved by calling the church office, (937) 298-2167.


Our recently redesigned kitchen is a delight to use. It features plenty of countertop work space, commercial grade refrigerator, freezer, food warmer, a WOLF gas range/ovens, and two commercial microwave ovens. Whether you need to cook a meal or cater one, it’s designed for ease of use. The lighted serving bar makes a great focal point for serving or food demonstrations.


Our classrooms are available for teaching, group meetings, and get-togethers. Two rooms can seat 50 people; others seat 35 comfortably. Some have large screen TV’s; rolling video carts are available. All our classrooms are available for rent by calling the church office, (937) 298-2167.

S1 Classroom

Located on the main floor across from the church office, this is one of our larger rooms (30 x 30) and seats 60 on comfortable padded seats. Can hold up to 10 4 x 6 tables for classroom setup. Has DVD and monitor, and two wall-mounted whiteboards. A piano is in the room.

S4 Classroom

This room on the main floor is 28 x 35 and holds six round tables and a piano. Can be easily adapted to hold up to 35 adults. Great for use as a practice room.

N1 Classroom

Duplicate in size to S1 (30 x 30) and also on the main floor, this room has 45 padded seats and 10 round tables (more can be added). Contains a large TV monitor and sound system.

N4 Classroom

This room on the main floor is 28 x 35 and holds four half-round tables for group class work with children. Can be easily adapted to hold up to 35 adults. Contains a piano. Great for use as a practice room.

L2 Classroom

This is a great seminar room in the basement level. Has 40 comfortable padded chairs, a projector system for DVD, and computer hook-up. Convenient to bathrooms.