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Welcome to worship, Church!

On this page, you’ll find resources for Bible Study, our weekly K-LIFE video and email, and a portal to our livestream to join our 10am service.

1. Worship Service (10am)

The above link will take you to our live-stream portal. Simply navigate to the “Begin Livestream” icon and select. That will take you to our YouTube page and subsequent live-stream feed. See you there!

Bible Study Resource (New Every Week)
The attached guides are Bible Study discussion guides focused on the content for our A Genesis Week sermon series.  They are designed to help facilitate discussion, so it’s best to use this in a small group with your family or a few close friends.

2. K-LIFE Email

This is the weekly email we send out to inform our church family of everything that’s happened and will happen in our community. If you’d like to subscribe to have this email sent to you automatically, click here.

3. The Hub

We are currently in the works to build this new resource to serve as the gateway for digital connection and resources. Whether it be spiritual or emotional, fitness or fun, we hope this will become the place where you can find community, hope, and a dash of fun!

That said, we need you to get this started. Follow the link above to see what this is all about and how you can be a part of it!