Youth (grades 7-12)

Our Desire:

We want our youth to grow in their understanding of God and their discernment within the world He wants us to love. We also desire strong community as friends and authentic connection to the real-life needs around us.

Perichoresis Room:

While the Perichoresis Room (L1) is being remodeled, Perichoresis and 4:13 are joining classes on Sabbath mornings in the South Fellowship Hall from 11am to 12pm for Bible study, hang-out time and usually something good to eat. On September 1, Perichoresis will be moved into the newly remodeled youth room while 4:13 will remain in the South Fellowship Hall.

Social Media links:

Facebook: Stay up-to-date with our latest events on our Perichoresis Facebook Group and 4:13 Facebook Group!

Instagram: We also have Perichoresis and 4:13 Instagram pages where we post events and short encouraging.